About Us

Value Proposition

Holy Cross School has a combined focus on academic excellence, lasting values, and service to others; we create children of character and lifelong learners equipped for success. Our students succeed with individualized teaching attention; a school community focused on positive peer interactions; an emphasis on responsibility, self-discipline, and respect; and a culture of unselfish service to others in Christ. Our faculty and staff inspire students to grow in intellect, character, and faith. Greater still is the sense of belonging and service to a larger family that our students and parents feel when they are at our school. Rich in history, yet looking towards the future, Holy Cross School is devoted to educating its students to become sensitive, capable, responsible members of their families, church, community, nation, and world. We invite you to be a part of something special-Holy Cross School.

  1. Holy Cross School has a rigorous core curriculum and quality teachers. Holy Cross students scored over 21 points higher than the national average as measured by standardized testing (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) over the last three years. We are accredited by stringent national NCA AdvanceED standards and by the State of Illinois.


  2. Students at Holy Cross School develop character, integrity, and leadership skills by actively learning and living their faith through service to others. Selfless giving is modeled and practiced at all grade levels, from kindergarten through 8th grade, connecting student’s learning in the classroom and through the Gospels with active participation in addressing the needs of our community. Activities include:
    • Donating food and visiting Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen with 36 class visits during the year
    • Collecting money and goods for the poor during four school-wide collections
    • Participating in quarterly community outreach projects at each grade level
    • Building community through a House Program for students in 5th through 8th grade the provides peer mentorship and dedicated time to service
    • Compiling Service Journals, documenting each student's service from kindergarten through Confirmation.
    • Prayer Pals that connect kindergarten and 1st grade students with 7th and 8th graders


  3. Catholic curriculum is strong at Holy Cross School, producing students who are knowledgeable about their faith and secure in God’s love for them. 96% of fifth grade students scored proficient or advanced in faith knowledge on the NCEA ACRE test based on 5 years of data, compared to a 71% national average.
    • Daily Prayer
    • Word of the Day
    • Weekly student-led Mass
    • Weekly Adoration
    • Monthly Virtue Talks
    • Pastor Presence
    • Prayer Pals that connect kindergarten and 1st grade students with 7th and 8th graders


  4. Parents are viewed as partners, creating a joyful community built on positive relationships between families, students, teachers, and staff. A student retention rate of nearly 95% reflects both the high rate of satisfaction among school families and fosters a stable and lasting community, and a very low staff turnover rate provides evidence of the dedication of teachers and staff to Holy Cross School.


  5. Holy Cross School fosters a rich environment of opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Holy Cross students benefit from full-time art and music teachers as part of the regular school curriculum. In addition, students have a wide variety of extracurricular activities to choose from, including academic competitions; band, choir, and musical theater programs; and a strong no-cut athletic program. More than half of upper grade students (5th through 8th) participate in extracurricular programs, and students as young as kindergarten have an opportunity to participate in theater and choir. Our programs include:
    • Full-time music and art teachers
    • Weekly music classes for all grades through 6th grade
    • Frequent school-wide performances, including Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and Spring concerts
    • 7th and 8th graders participating in the IMEA Band & Chorus Audition & Festival
    • Our 7th and 8th graders participating each year in the IESA Music Solo & Ensemble Competition
    • A Children’s Choir for the weekly All-school Mass
    • A musical held in the spring, with participation from over one-third of our students across all grade levels
    • No-cut athletic program which includes sport teams for boys and girls basketball, cross-country, and track and field; girls cheerleading and volleyball; and boys baseball.
    • Scholastic Bowl teams for the 7th and 8th grades


  6. Holy Cross School has a strong sense of community, reflecting the diversity of the Champaign-Urbana community. At Holy Cross, students of numerous faiths and backgrounds come to learn in a Catholic setting.
    • Approximately 12% of our students are non-Catholic
    • Approximately 18% of our students are non-White
    • 30% of school families from Holy Cross, St. Patrick’s, and St. Mary parishes receive some sort of financial aid
    • 13% of our students qualify for free/reduced lunch

  7. Nearly two-thirds of Holy Cross School graduates choose to continue their Catholic education at The High School of St. Thomas More. College readiness testing results for students who continue their education at STM provide evidence that Holy Cross graduates are well-prepared for academic success in their secondary and higher education, with students meeting or exceeding national benchmarks.
    • More than 90% of Holy Cross graduates at STM met or exceeded national benchmarks in English over three years of data
    • More than 70% of Holy Cross graduates at STM met or exceeded national benchmarks in Reading over three years of data
    • More than 60% of Holy Cross graduates at STM met or exceeded national benchmarks in Math over three years of data